“Winter Blues”, Art of Emotions Fine Art Gallery, Toronto, Feb 10 – Mar 10, 2022

IAPS (International Association of Pastel Societies) 37th Exhibition, Oct 2020, Dunedin Fine Art Center, IAPS website https://www.iapspastel.org/iapshow_display.php

Enduring Brilliance!”, Pastel Society of America (PSA) 48th Annual Exhibition, Butler Institute of American Art (Butlerart.org), http://www.pastelsocietyofamerica.org/annual-catalog/

“Purely Pastel”, Pastel Artists Canada 29th Annual Open Juried Exhibition, 2020, Online at https://www.pastelartists.ca/2020-06-juried-show/

First-Place Winner of Pastel Artists Canada’s 7th Annual Online Members Juried Exhibition, Dec 1, 2019-Present

“Purely Pastel”, Pastel Artists Canada 28th Annual Open Juried Exhibition, May 13-26, 2019, Federation Gallery, Vancouver

ArtStop, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto, Nov 23, 2018 – May 19, 2019

Cliffsides, Dentistry on Jane, Vaughan, May-Aug 2019

Delight 2018, Nov 5, 2018- Jan 8, 2019, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Poetic Seascapes, Dentistry on Jane, Vaughan, Jan-April, 2019

Autumn Blossom 2018, Oct 5-31, 2018, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Anti-Social 2018, Sep 5-30, 2018, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Dream, Landscapes in Encaustic and Resin, Dentistry on Jane, Vaughan, May-Sep, 2018

SunShine 2018, Aug 7-30, 2018, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Delight 2017, Nov 5, 2017-Jan 8, 2018, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Anti-Social 2017, Sep 5-30, 2017, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

SunShine 2017, Aug 5-31, 2017, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Jumper 2017, Jun 5-30, 2017, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

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