Purely Pastel, Pastel Artists Canada 28th Annual Open Juried Exhibition, May 13-26, 2019, Federation Gallery, Vancouver

Delight 2018, Nov 5, 2018- Jan 8, 2019, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Autumn Blossom 2018, Oct 5-31, 2018, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Anti-Social 2018, Sep 5-30, 2018, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

SunShine 2018, Aug 7-30, 2018, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Delight 2017, Nov 5, 2017-Jan 8, 2018, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Anti-Social 2017, Sep 5-30, 2017, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

SunShine 2017, Aug 5-31, 2017, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Jumper 2017, Jun 5-30, 2017, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

SpringFever 2017, Feb 5-28, 2017, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Anti-Social 2016, Aug 31-Sep 26, 2016, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Jumper 2016, Jun 1-26, 2016, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

April Showers 2016, Apr 6-29, 2016, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Winter Blue, Jan 20-Feb 14, 2016,  Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Vaughan of a Kind, Nov 14, 2015, Vaughan, Ontario

SunShine 2015, Aug 1-31, 2015,  Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Before and After, June 18-July 25, 2015, Yellow House Gallery, Toronto

The Artist Project, Feb 19-22, 2015, Exhibition Place, Toronto

SpringFever 2015, Feb 10-Mar 1, 2015,  Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

Delight 2014, Nov 6, 2014-Jan 6, 2015,  Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto

December Salon, Dec 5-20, 2014, Yellow House Gallery, Toronto

Wind and Breath, Sep 3-28, 2014, Yellow House Gallery, Toronto

SunShine 2014, Aug 1-28, Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto



About Musa Musa


Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Musa’s childhood was spent mostly in war.  Through his journey to Canada, art became a powerful vehicle to express his thoughts, feelings, longings and beliefs.

In his art, Musa creates a place for the soul to rest and contemplate… a place where time becomes still, pausing from the hustle of the surroundings to find a moment to meditate on the Creation and rejuvenate.  Musa expresses light in radiant flood to surround and engulf the viewer so as to renew hope for the spirit and provide a pure contrast to the conflict and struggle of everyday life.

Musa’s work utilized different mediums including oils, encaustics, pastels and resins. He often created his own paints, pastels and supports to create the effects he strives to achieve.


Musa’s work is represented by:

Musa Gallery, 117-9441 Jane St. Vaughan, Ontario, Canada (operating inside Dentistry on Jane)

Norman-Felix Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yellow House Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada



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