About Musa Musa


Born in Baghdad, Iraq, my childhood art included mostly images of war and battle.  Through my journey to Canada, Art had always been the vehicle of expression for my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.  I focus primarily on landscape and seascape.  Currently, my work explores luminescence and radiance to portray the scapes poetically, focusing on elements such as islands, boats, and the vastness of the sea, attempting to create powerful imagery that symbolizes and reflects on our human journey.  This is done using interference colors and duochromes, texture, relationship of form and composition. I study my themes through a variety of media including oils, encaustics, pastels, resins, and mixed media, and often make my own paints, pastels and supports.

My work is represented by Norman-Felix Gallery (Toronto), Yellow House Gallery (Toronto), and Musa Gallery (Vaughan).  Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries regarding art, exhibitions or sales.

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