3-D work


Musa’s recent work re-invents his abstract surrealist forms in a new form of expression utilizing thermal resin sculpture combined with the encaustic medium. The result is abstract re-invention of form and space that seeks to connect the viewer to a surreal realm of the boundary between the organic and the inorganic, the natural and the synthetic.  Drawing inspiration from the sea life, shells and florals, and combining with forms of fossil, stalactites, and the figure, the result is an imaginative realm of the “possible” and what “could be”, forms of unknown origin, future or past, alive or gone. Some of the images are formative, indicating a stage of metamorphoses, others are gestural, alluding to a phantom one occupying a shell or veil.

Musa’s process highlights this connection as the organic elements of the encaustic (beeswax, natural resin and pigments) work in harmony with the thermal synthetic resin, in interdependence and complementarity. Eventually, a new form is born that is beyond what either alone could become, creating sculptural 3-D works that truly push the boundary of both mediums into new dimensions.